Telecommunication towers and mast devices are used by Synergy Telecom Group to solve special problems of placing a large amount of communication equipment for various purposes at heights exceeding 40 m. As a rule, they are multifunctional unique complex structures designed for specific tasks. The significant height and weight of these structures, the complex foundation, and the need to meet special legal requirements and regulatory and technical documentation for structures of this type complicate the construction of such infrastructure, which is usually carried out on the basis of individual projects.

Capital antenna mast structures are various telecommunication infrastructure structures up to 72 meters, rented by cellular operators in a certain area to solve assigned technical problems. Such structures are installed in non-urban environments due to their significant size, but this mast structure allows a larger number of cellular operators to use this infrastructure. Moreover, the stable structure is designed in such a way that the support is able to withstand heavy loads and guarantees a stable connection.

Non-permanent antenna mast structures - telecommunication mast structures up to 50 meters. Unlike capital antenna-mast structures, this mast is installed using guy wires, which makes it possible to solve the problem of installation work in hard-to-reach areas where it is not possible to install a foundation or bring up highly specialized vehicles.

The Synergy Telecom Group provides the operator with an infrastructure that is completely ready for use. These antenna mast structures are being built at the company’s own expense and are intended for use by several cellular operators at once.