Dual-use pylons are masts that are simultaneously used for street lighting, deployment communication equipment of all types from 2G to the latest 5G, CCTV cameras and various sensors.

There are different classifications of these pylons provided by the Synergy Telecom Group for different geographical conditions and client tasks. Dual-use pylons can be made of different heights: from 16 to 40 meters, with different types of shapes: round, faceted, of different wind loads depending on the wind region (from 1 to 5), of different loads, depending on the number of cellular operators on the pole (from 1 to 3), as well as with different coatings: hot-dip galvanized or cold galvanized.

Since there are various structural bases for the construction of pylons, the Synergy Telecom Group selects for each client the poles that are most suitable for the selected tasks. The main factors are: regulatory framework, operator requirements, requirements of regional government authorities, climatic operating conditions, type of terrain, type of soil and cost-effectiveness of application.

Currently, the Synergy Telecom Group uses poles from various manufacturers; the main partner is PJSC "Severstal".


  • Ease of solving land issues for their construction, because they are not projects of capital construction, do not require a building permit, their installation requires a plot of land not exceeding the area of the foundation grillage (up to 10 sq. m.);
  • Possibility of mass application of unified standard solutions;
  • Short time of production, delivery and construction;
  • Ease of adaptation to the requirements of operators and local executive authorities, including appearance.